Review: Daniel Glover – What Happened Last Week

danglover54839Don’t try to multitask, just let it play. This EP demands your attention, cuts through the noise, draws you in and holds you close.

I first came across Daniel when he stumbled upon a Hackney jam and jumped on the microphone, his incredible thirst, grit and wisdom was apparent. Daniel’s voice will stop you in your tracks, and this debut release sets the bar very high for the future.


It’s always a tough equilibrium, preserving the raw integrity of a voice and of each song, whilst creating layered instrumental soundscapes. The balance here is spot on, not too much fuss, thank goodness


Each track portrays a different story and wraps you in its own world. You want to go with Daniel, you have no choice. You belong to Daniel for the whole ride – dynamic leaps, tempo changes, deliciously tender moments of a cappella and goosebump inducing bass notes. And this is absolutely true of Daniel’s live set: the audience on tenterhooks, the rowdiest silenced for the duration.


I See You Staring Over opens the EP with a driving tempo and gradual dynamic build, the listener is transported into an underground bar with plenty of corners to hide, an earthy atmosphere and a perfect accompaniment: Daniel’s raspy, gritty voice and presence. You’ll be kept on your metaphorical feet or at least the edge of your seat as the mood lowers for Borrowed Love (video above), a slow sultry opening with guitar and voice before the drums kick in evoking the military world. Daniel’s deep vocal line is thick with emotion throughout as he delicately sets the tone and mood, soulfully caressing the listener’s ears. Conversational storytelling vocal lines are contrasted with impressive layered soundscapes where elements of rock mix with soulful wails and guttural roars in Heavy Mind.


This young man is a versatile songwriter, Leaving Vegas is a toe tapper with an upbeat melodic line, not one to deliver a single shade, this vocal is delivered heartbreakingly by Daniel and a female voice, shadowing, responding and harmonising. For such a young artist, there is a depth of wisdom and old soul which is at once familiar and completely disarming.

Track 5, We Are Free, rings out as an epic ending into the hearts of listeners, it’s tender, swooping softly low before sorrow-heavy cries. A striking first strike from Daniel Glover.


I won’t give away too much about the sweet bonus track at the end, it’s stripped back, unpretentious, “it makes me feel alive” – Daniel says it best.


Peace & Jam,


Louise Wellby

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