Line Up Announcement: The Old Church Sessions

An old church, spellbinding performances and a little bit of magic one summer eve…
We like the jam to be spreadable and accessible, so we pop up in different kinds of spaces regularly. The Old Church has a particularly magnetic pull, an ancient building dedicated to celebrating creativity and diversity.
So the next step…curating a show fit for a space with such a rich history. The jam is always eclectic and a few striking performers, each doing their certain something (and nailing it by the way), sprung to mind.
Jam Sandwich is proud to feature Saturday 30th May:
Anna Pancaldi – beautifully honest singer-songwriter who has recently released her debut EP Black Tears, check it out via Itunes, she’s been busy filming another music video too. Anna’s first Jam Sandwich was at The Troubadour.
Will Westerman – making recent waves with his song and video Manifesto (Nigel Farage), this young man is an extremely talented songwriter with great humility and stage presence. Having wowed audiences at The Russet and The Old Queen’s Head jams, we can’t wait to invite him back.
Daniel Glover – a friend of the jam for a while now having stumbled upon a Hackney jam and jumped on the microphone, this young man has incredible thirst, grit and wisdom. This voice will stop you in your tracks, Daniel’s debut album What Happened Last Week sets the bar very high for the future.
Nakisha Esnard – is truly soulful and daring with her own brand of soul and reggae with a ukulele. Nakis Check out her new video Love Song. High hopes for her debut EP, another magnetic live performer. The jam has been craving a dose of Nakisha since she last played a rooftop jam session at Netil360.
The only thing left to do is direct you to £6 tickets, there’s limited space in the church so do snap yours up and we’ll see you there.
Peace & Jam x

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